In this article, learn to create service locations for all the regions your store operates in:

1. Set up a delivery region
2. Set up a pickup location

3. Set up shipping details

To create a service location, visit
Account > Service Location > Create Service Location


Set up a delivery zone


  1. Select the delivery option
  2. Zoom into a desired area and click the polygon icon on the top right of the map view.
  3. Click multiple points throughout the map, ensuring that the shape created is a closed shape.


  1. Choose your available delivery dates for the region.
  2. Set your order cutoff hours. Any orders placed after this time will be considered next day.
  3. Optionally, set the minimum order value or minimum purchase for free delivery.
  4. Create a delivery fee for the zone and click save to create the zone.

Select the pickup option


  1. Select the pickup option
  2. Enter the street address for the pickup location.
  3. Verify that the zip code, state, and city are correct.


  1. Set the minimum order value to place an order.
  2. Choose your available pickup days for customers.
  3. Optionally, create pickup instructions for your customers.
  4. This pickup address will now be available as an option during checkout.