We're so excited to be a part of your store launch. Setting up a new e-commerce platform can be overwhelming. But rest assured: we're here to help.

Below are some helpful tips on how to use Freshline's features through a step-by-step guide. We've also compiled a FAQs Section at the bottom of the page to help answer common questions.

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  • Configure your company logo, SEO, support emails, and notifications.

Payments and Taxes

  • Set up pre-authorization deposits for selling items by weights, and select taxable product lists.


  • Customize your store carousel, alert banner, theme color, FAQs, and more.

Service Locations (Zones)

  • Create drag-and-drop pickup, delivery, or shipping areas with custom rules.


  • View, modify, or create manual orders for your customers.

Operations & Picklist

  • View picklists by products, orders, date, or service zone, adjust variable product weights, and create a custom export.


  • Create, Edit, or Duplicate next-day or pre-order products.


  • Create multiple categories and tags to organize your products, and improve user sorting.


  • Create discount codes that can be used by customers on your shop.


  • Create a collection of products for display or functionality, such as making them taxable, unavailable for pickup or delivery, or showcasing on a custom URL.

Wholesale Storefront

  • Learn more about the ordering features available to your wholesale clients.

Business Accounts

  • Approve businesses to have access to your wholesale product catalogue, while assigning customer or group-specific pricing and availability.

Price Lists

  • Create multiple price lists by customer or groups to ensure tailored wholesale ordering. Your product catalog is accessible through a custom link and discoverable by search engines and new customers, with sensitive pricing information withheld to approved users.

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