Over the past month, our product and engineering team put a halt on major features and focused on stability, speed, and usability improvements. We're so excited to share this month's updates with you here:


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Orders Page Redesign

Thanks to helpful feedback from our customers, Freshline's order page has been fully redesigned with a simplified user interface with more admin functionality.

With this new change, suppliers can now make several adjustments to an order, after it's been placed by customers. This includes helpful functionality like:

1. Custom discounts: Modify existing discounts or add a discount for customers that forget to enter a code.

2. Custom fees: Adjust existing fees or apply supplementary fees to an order - i.e. taxes, tip, handling, delivery, or shipping fees

3. Modify prices: Provide preferred or discounted pricing for specific orders

4. Change fulfillment: Switch between pickup, delivery, shipping for simplified fulfillment

5. Adjust customer addresses: Fix potential address mistakes instead of cancelling and re-creating orders

With this new update, suppliers can save time and maintain more control over their day-to-day operations.  Try it out by heading to the Orders page on your Freshline Dashboard.

Delivery & Pickup Windows

After talking to hundreds of suppliers, it's evident that time windows can be paramount in maximizing conversion rates, instilling buyer confidence, and minimizing defect deliveries.

Fortunately, suppliers can now take advantage of custom delivery and pickup time windows for their service locations. In addition to the benefits above, this feature can be used to optimize delivery routes and streamline pickup procedures.

Try it out by heading to a Service Location on your Freshline Dashboard.

Advanced Delivery Fee Options

Research has shown that offering free or discounted delivery can be one of the easiest, low-cost ways to increase online sales. In addition to offering free delivery over a minimum spend, suppliers now have access to additional tools to reach more customers, optimize profits, and increase conversions.

Suppliers now have access to two new delivery-related features to help achieve this:

1. Flat Rate Shipping: Override carrier-estimated shipping with a flat-rate shipping rate for orders above a certain $ threshold. Useful for increase customer order conversion % in shipping locations.

2. Discounted Delivery Rules: Offer a discounted delivery rate (in lieu of free delivery) for orders that surpass a $ threshold. Useful for suppliers employing high-cost delivery trucks or suppliers unable to offer free delivery.

Check out this feature by visiting a Service Location on your Freshline Dashboard.

Customer Editing

Suppliers now have admin editing functionality over their customer accounts. Edit customer names, phone numbers, or add additional addresses onto their profile.

Check out this feature by heading to the Customers Page on your Freshline Dashboard.

Other Improvements

  • Order and Picklist Export Improvements: Several new fields and options have been added to the export feature.
  • Inventory Improvements: Real-time inventory checking has been improved to minimize stock-outs. Notifications and error messages have been added to instruct customers on next steps for items out-of-stock on checkout.
  • Picklist Improvements: Printed invoices via the Orders Picklist have been optimized. In addition, sorting by invoice or fulfillment status has been added to the picklist.
  • Stability: General platform stability and security has been improved.

We hope you enjoy these updates.

We're excited to continue expanding our footprint across North America - where perishables suppliers, big and small - trust Freshline to establish their ideal e-commerce storefront.

As always, please reach out if you have any questions, comments, or requests. We love hearing from you!

Joseph Lee, Co-founder