Hello from Freshline 👋🏽

Another month, another long list of awesome updates from the Freshline team.

In addition to having our biggest month of customer growth yet, our engineering team has been kicking things into overdrive - pushing out a ton of improvements for our core product. We still have a lot to announce in the coming weeks - so keep an eye out - you'll be seeing more posts like this more often.

But let's start with some updates from the past two months:

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B2B Credit Card Payments

Suppliers can now accept credit card payments for their B2B/wholesale customers on Freshline. Here's how it works:

1) Enable/Disable Credit Card Functionality

  • To enable credit card functionality for your wholesale ordering portal, simple go to Payments and enable "Credit Cards". This will allow your staff members and customers to attach credit cards to business customer accounts.

2) Enforce Credit Cards on Signup

  • Enforce COD terms or decrease payment risk by collecting customers' credit card information during their registration process.

For each customer that places and order with an active credit card on file, there will now be an optional "Charge Now" button within their order details page. This button can be enacted at any time (i.e. pressed when their order reaches Net Terms), at which point their payment method on file is charged.

This feature provides suppliers with even more flexibility to streamline and simplify their payment collection flow for the wholesale sales channels.

Market Price Items on Wholesale

Suppliers can now sell market price items with high pricing volatility by marking these items as "Market Price" products.

This feature effectively replaces all of the related item prices to be "Market Price", with a quick customer explanation of what this entails. This is highly useful for suppliers selling items that may vary in pricing from one day to another. For example:

  • A supplier may want to list bluefin tuna on their wholesale ordering portal, but does not want a situation where it's bought when the product is $30/lb but the item rises to $40/lb a day before fulfillment

How it works

  1. Mark an item as Market Price using the wholesale price list
  2. It will display as "Market Price" on the ordering portal
  3. Adjust prices as needed using the Order Details page for a specific order

This feature helps decrease confusion during the wholesale purchase process, while allowing suppliers to better mimic their existing sales processes.

Manually Capture Payment Authorizations

Suppliers can now manually capture existing payment hold authorizations, prior to the automatic charge that occurs on the order fulfillment date.

Here's how it works:

  1. All orders that are pre-authorized (i.e. the customers' credit card is temporarily held until fulfillment date) will now have a "Charge Now" button within the order details page
  2. Clicking this button will capture the current order total amount from the existing pre-authorized hold
  3. The order will be marked as "Paid" automatically.

This feature is perfect for suppliers that pack items well in advance of the fulfillment date, allowing them to get paid faster, while maintaining the flexibility of adjusting weights.

Order View under Wholesale Customers

Suppliers can now view the order history for a specific wholesale customer by navigating to "Businesses" under the "Wholesale" tab.

We've added secure, password-free ways for both suppliers and their customers to log into their accounts. This replaces the previously error-prone password reset page with a more convenient, delightful way to log in.

This feature can be accessed by clicking the Forgot Password links on the Supplier Dashboard and Retail / Wholesale Stores.

Inventory Counts on Products

We've added the ability for suppliers to display real-time inventory information on their wholesale and retail ordering platforms. This can help create more urgency to place orders, or better communicate live inventory figures for fast-selling items.

To take advantage of this feature, simply turn on "Track inventory" and enter in a value for the current inventory amount. This will automatically display the current product inventory value on the product card and product details pages.

Other Platform Improvements...

Dedicated Help Page

We've added a new Help Guide section for new and existing customers with links to step by step guides, resources, and future updates.

Find this page by clicking the Help button on the side navigation of your Freshline dashboard. We'll be adding helpful tips and tricks to this page periodically, so stay tuned.

Custom Quantity Input

The wholesale quantity toggle input has been updated to accept both open inputs (i.e. users typing "100") and manually toggling by the product's case size increment.

Filter Picklist by Fulfilled Status

Easily filter between packed/fulfilled and non-packed/unfulfilled orders with a new toggle on the Orders Picklist.

Wholesale FAQs

Create and display your Terms of Service and FAQs directly on your wholesale store.

Design Updates

  • Friendly/zoom fix on mobile for supplier dashboard
  • Improve check out page layout and design on wholesale store
  • Make header and subheader optional on the hero carousel
  • And many others!

As always, please reach out if you have any questions, comments, or requests. We love hearing from you!

Joseph Lee, Co-founder