March and April have flown by!

The last few months have been really exciting for the Freshline team - from new partner launches to product development, we're working around the clock to delight customers and deliver maximum value.

Our goal over the past few months have been steadfast: to build the best all-in-one platform for perishables suppliers to build, transform, or scale their online business.

Since our beta launch near the end of 2020, we've partnered with a fantastic cohort of butchers, farmers, and wholesalers - who have collectively earned millions in online revenue while saving thousands of hours on backend processes.

With that being said - here are some exciting updates from March and April (so far):

Dark Mode

Suppliers can now toggle Dark Mode for their store to create a sleek look and feel for their online store.

How to Use:

  1. Log onto your Freshline Dashboard
  2. Head to Account -> Appearance
  3. Enable or Disable Dark Mode by toggling the switch and clicking Save.
  4. Your store will reflect your new design preferences!

Product Quick Edits

Suppliers can now use Freshline's Quick Edit feature to choose a selection of items and make edits to (1) inventory count, (2) pricing, (3) feature display, (4) case size/unit increment, and (5) unit of measure.

This is especially useful for suppliers with highly variable pricing, inventory, or case sizes for their products - through just a few clicks!

How to Use:

  1. Log onto your Freshline Dashboard
  2. Choose the selection of items you'd like to perform a Quick Edit on
  3. Click Quick Edit through the top of the actions header
  4. Make changes to desired fields
  5. Click save and you're done!

Freshline Apps (beta)

Suppliers can now access a small suite of Apps built on top of the Freshline platform. Our goal over the next few months is to open up our APIs for any developer to build perishables-specific tools to add value to food businesses.

Currently, the selection of apps include:

  • Mailchimp Email Marketing
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Google Analytics
  • Freshline Shipping via ShipEngine

Keep an eye out on your Apps page for updates monthly!

Redesigned Orders Page

The orders page has been completely revamped with speed, performance, and design optimizations. Suppliers will notice that:

  • Searching by customer name, email, or invoice is much snappier and more accurate
  • Sorting by order status is simplified
  • Suppliers can now generate custom reports and exports directly via the orders page

Design Improvements

Rich Text Formatting

  • Suppliers can now add rich text such as bullet points, bold text, or URL links directly into their pickup instructions or FAQs.

Zones Cleanup

  • Service location pages (pickup, delivery, shipping) have been fully redesigned for easier navigation and clarity.

Feature List on Homepage

  • Suppliers can now customize which products are featured on their main homepage.
  • Simply create a list of items, choose the desired order of display, and click Featured on homepage to replace the default list of items displayed on your homepage.

Product Quick View

Customers on your store can now click individual items in your store to see a quick modal instead of redirecting them to the product details page. This will lead to significant speed improvements for customers.

In the Pipeline...

1. Activate/Deactivate Service Zones: Turn specific service locations (i.e. a pickup area or delivery zone) on or off at the click of a button.

2. Guest Checkout: Enable guest checkout - while maintaining complex delivery/pickup/order rules via address or products in cart.

3. Category Bulk Actions: Make bulk category and product tag adjustments to a selection of items.

4. Shop Code Customization: Full ability to customize the front-end design and functionality of your store with traditional HTML and CSS - while maintaining Freshline's secure checkout and backend workflow tools.

Know a butcher, farmer, or food business who would be the perfect fit for Freshline? Ask us about our referral program or send them the following links:

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Joseph Lee, Co-founder & CPO